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Aliens ARTtagging Koh Phangan

11 Feb

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Rhythm and SandAndrea and Luana Rhythm and sands festivalBody Art'taggedLuana body art beach koh PhanganQueen Luana's Art'tag in Costa RicaLuana Art Caribian coast villagePrincess AiA Architecture from FAUSOA
Architecture  from AiAShakestand from Mellow Mountainshake stand koh phangan Mellow mountain bar haad rinCentipede God and Morphing Creaturesmellow mountain wall art andrea and LuanaLuana at WorkLuana art shake stand haad rin mellow mountainSramanora Waterfall Party. Blue & Green Waterfall Party at nightLuana mellow mountain dancefloor artPeter & Phillipo (and Amy) at Sramanora PartyHansa ResortArt'tagged in KualaArt'tag begun in Penang

Dear OuterSpace Intergalactic ART'Taggers!

We have summoned you to Earths PartyParadise in order for you to Share your Word, Art and Mission with us.

How do you feel about Earth. Do you feel at home here? Which Space do you come from? Have the Humans been welcoming you here?

What is your Alien Powers?


"According to the majority of the population here - and their so called Society (Earths organized civilization) we tend to - frequently - be considered as weird and/or crazy!

In reality we are just not of the Human species, rather, we are super aliens sent from our land to this Planet for a purpose; an important mission in which We must complete.

Slowly but surely We have begun to take over the Human World in order to ultimately save it.


The technique We use here for channeling Our Superpowers is this:

We use paint to transfer Data from our Planet onto the skin of Humans and the walls of their buildings, as well as any other Earthly materials, objects or creatures.


Our main goal is to ART'tag as much of this Planet with Beautiful and inspiring information as possible."

As The Alien Royal Duo explains;

"Ugly space removal is needed for the improvement of this Species well being!


Jungle Experience - The Alien Royal Duo

Jungle experience koh Phangan june 25 2012


"They are unaware of the devastating impact that their unsightly Creations have on the Human Mind.

Their neglect to beauty brings deathly effects upon nature in exchange for power of money, an odd notion seeing as their money is only paper which is a remnant of destroyed nature.

We don't understand their logic."


The Super Powered Alien Sisters began with Costa Rica.
Our Queen Luana Ruled Puerto Viejo.

This is a small beach town on the Caribbean coast.


The Queen spent Her time transfering data from Her Home Planet, through Her artistic hand, onto various hostels, hotels and restaurant walls.


She spent a couple years channeling information solo while The Queens Sister, Princess AiA, was getting Her Bachelors in Architecture from FAUSOA.


After graduating Her partner in crime - together the Sisters are aka "Double Trouble" and "TEiMWiRK (TW) - They joined forces and together They traveled to Koh Phangan, Thailand where They would begin the Conquer Quest of Southeast Asia.


The first place in Phangan They painted was Mellow Mountain Bar in Haad Rin.

They were not offered this job or asked for Their services.

They told the owner that their Art was a necessity for the Bar!

The shake stand would be painted for him free of charge.


Secretly They knew it would be liked so much that anyone who saw it would want it too and they would want more - it was written in the data of the paint They used.


The rest of the Bar was painted begining with the dancing area in front of the DJ booth where They painted the Centipede God and Morphing Creatures of Good and Evil.


Kangaroo Bar and Islander next door were the next projects.


DJ Koi - resident DJ on Phangan - met the Royal Duo while They were working on Mushroom Mountain and recommended The Double Trouble Team to Beng from Sramanora Waterfall Party

Sramanora Waterfall. Blue and Green Waterfall Party at nightsramanora waterfall party ban tai koh phangan andrea luana art


They painted the venue in less than a week spending 14-18hrs a day until They finished." 


Later the Queen continued working at Kangaroo Bar and Aia worked at Jungle Experience with Chanon.

Jungle Art'Tagjungle experience koh phangan ban tai andrea luana art


Before leaving to Kuala Lumpur They Art'Tagged the Hansa Resort too.


Kuala Lumpur's Art'Tag finished and Penang begun...

There has been many adventures since the beginning and they are still here and continuing their ARTTAGs )) !!

Who knows where They will be Art'Tagging next!


Great offers for our readers.

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